About Brandon


Brandon Saiz podcasts from Southeast Alaska, USA, where he lives with his wife and three daughters.  He enjoys writing, brewing beer, and video games.  After 20 years of military service, his number one life goal is to grow a beard revered by all.  He can be found on Twitter @shoesize38.

About Jozi

[Obnoxiously loud giggles]

Jozi hails from the great Pacific Northwest just outside of Portland, Oregon.  She’s not as weird as most Portlanders like to think they are, but rather leads a perfectly normal life with her husband, son, and tiny barkball.  She enjoys reading and writing but not arithmetic.  After 20 years of professional musicianship and four years of parenthood, her number one life goal is to get a good night’s sleep.  She’d also like the world to pronounce her name correctly: it’s Jah-zee, rhymes with Fozzie, like the bear.  She can be found on Twitter @jozbot7.